About Our Company

Jacobsen Orchards and I Fratelli Farms are both located in the Napa Valley town
of Yountville and provide produce to some of the most prestigious restaurants in
the wine country (including the French Laundry).

Both are small family run endeavors striving to create the best fruits and produce
possible. The seeds are a new venture to meet the demand for high quality seeds
and to share our enthusiasm for gardening. But, actually, it is mostly for fun and to
honor the beautiful plants that provide the seeds.

All seeds are grown on our own properties. The best flowers are selected and
allowed to go to seed. These seeds are then gathered, sifted, and packaged by
farm family members including the 10 year old Jason and the 14 year old Jeremy,
the infamous I Fratelli (The Brothers).

We hope that you like our seeds. If you have any questions about them or how to
grow them, please email us and we will provide the best information that we can.

We want you, our customers, to be 100% satisfied with all our seeds. If seeds
purchased from us prove to be unsatisfactory for any reason (unless you forget to
water them) we will either replace them or refund the purchase price, whichever
you wish.

Speaking of watering seeds, as you will know, there is a lot to learn in gardening,
in fact it is a life long learning process filled with joy and, intermittently,
frustrations. Our seed packets contain information that will get you started. If you
want to know more, email us at jeremy@yountvilleseeds.com and we will do our
best to answer your questions. The Jacobsen’s are both CCOF Certified Organic
Master Gardeners. I wish that meant that we know everything,
we don’t, but I like to think we can be of some help for most questions.