Yountville Seeds

A little bit about us…

Jacobsen Orchards and I Fratelli Farms are both located in the Town of Yountville
in the middle of the Napa Valley. They provide produce to some of the most
prestigious restaurants in the wine country. Both are small family run endeavors
striving to create the best fruits and produce possible. The seeds are a new
venture to meet the demand for high quality seeds and to share our enthusiasm
for gardening. But, actually, it is mostly for fun and to honor the beautiful plants that
provide the seeds.

Our products are certified organic
We are a family-owned business
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What can you do?

Since you’re here, you can check out our About Us page, where you can learn the
roots, inspiration and the purpose of our company. You can also check out our
products page where you can order seeds and [depending on the season] order
tomato starts.

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